Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Dominick Feld Hyde’s probate, estate and trust administration attorneys actively assist fiduciaries in the administration of complex estates and trusts for the deceased. We counsel individuals and corporate fiduciaries on their responsibilities as personal representative and trustee. Our practice has extensive experience in handling routine and complex probate court matters. We also assist personal representatives and trustees in managing the myriad daily responsibilities of a fiduciary, including asset collection, asset transfer and accounting.

Estate Tax Planning Strategies

Our collective experience allows us to efficiently anticipate and address issues at the outset of the engagement to devise favorable tax planning strategies. We also prepare estate tax returns using sophisticated tax preparation software. We have represented many estates in federal audits of estate tax returns.

Our attorneys can assist in obtaining the appointment of a guardian and/or a conservator for loved ones who no longer are able to make appropriate healthcare or financial decisions.